soapstone countertop care in blue circle overlayed over soapstone countertop in outdoor kitchen
Soapstone Countertops
By / March 2, 2019

Soapstone Countertop Care (And Why We Love Soapstone!)

In this guide, we’ll give you a quick overview of what soapstone is, briefly touch on the qualities that make soapstone a great countertop option, and provide a handy guide that you can reference for all things related to soapstone countertop care.

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granite countertop in kitchen with 'granite countertop care' in orange overlayed circle
Granite Countertops
By / February 18, 2019

Granite Countertop Care: A Complete Guide

Purchasing a granite countertop is a lot like purchasing a car; It requires some maintenance, and failure to provide granite countertop care in a timely matter can make the issue even worse. You’re in luck though--not only do we provide some of the highest quality granite countertops in Kansas City, but we also want to make sure your product maintains it’s new-look whether you’ve had it for 10 days or 10 years.

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