Industry standard is 3 CM (1-1/4″).  Some materials are available in 2 CM (3/4″) but 3 CM is the thickness used in most projects.

 Seams are matched, cut and installed with the greatest of care.  We arrange seams to be the least noticeable.  We will go over seams during your template approval so there are no surprises.  Visibility is dependent on the material’s pattern and color.  Some jobs may take additional slabs due to seams.

We seal all countertops either prior or during installation with DuPont’s Bulletproof sealer.  We have found this to be the most effective sealer on the market.  We do not seal engineered quartz as it does not require sealing.

Granite often contains natural surface fissures and pits.  These are not structural issues but inherent properties of stone.  If chips are large enough, a colored epoxy mixture will be used to fill the area.  Hot pots and pans can be set directly onto granite countertops.

We do not recommend cutting on your countertops.  Granite will actually dull your knives where softer stones, such as marble, will scratch.

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