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Granite Tops & Quartz Center has the very best selection when it comes to granite countertops in Kansas City. But we also don’t forget about other types as well. From quartz to soapstone and anything in between, Granite Tops will find and fit whatever style pleases you to make your dream home a reality!

  • One of the most popular types of kitchen and bath countertops in Kansas City.
  • Adds immediate Value to your home.
  • Very Durable – families will have difficulty scratching or chipping this material.
  • In the unlikely event of a scratch or chip, it’s an easy exact color match fix!
  • Perfectly flat. Perfect for kneading bread or making decorative cookies!
granite kitchen kansas city
  • Also a popular countertop in Kansas City, quartz is known for its wide variety of color variations!
  • Very Durable – similar to that of granite, maybe even more so.
  • Quartz has a very luxurious finish that can’t be produced through any other material.
  • The only con here is that quartz is not quite as resistant to heat as granite, so you must be careful with those hot pots and pans!
quartz countertops kansas city
  • Extremely Durable – marble is softer than granite or quartz but holds up slightly better.
  • Due to its softness, marble is able to be shaped into patterns that granite or quartz cannot, so if you’ve seen a crazy design, it’s probably marble!
  • Marble is great for those who love to cook and bake because it stays cool and won’t warm your dough!
  • Marble is heat resistant, but it is still best to have some sort of protection under those hot items.
  • Marble seems to last forever! If you’re looking for a more permanent option, this is the way to go!
marble countertops kansas city
  • Not as popular, but certainly still a great option for countertops in Kansas City!
  • Longevity – there are still some homes in the northeast region of the USA that have had soapstone counters from the 1800’s!
  • Soapstone is and always will be unique. No one could ever duplicate your counters because of the process in how its made!
  • You’ll never have to worry about using soapstone when cooking! Soapstone is completely heat resistant and can handle those hot items!
  • Soapstone has many options in terms of look-you don’t always have to have a high-gloss finish. You would be able to add certain kinds of textures and patterns if you wanted!
soapstone counters kansas city
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